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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  September 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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folks can get a chance to wave at him and a thunderous applause the moment he rounded the crowd here at the basilica. >> i feel like a little kid and getting to see the pope an the popemobile passing behind us not once but twice. this is what the people have been waiting for, the ceremony is in about 15 minutes. this is why they are here, there was a beautiful procession, an hour of organized music and different choirs and orchestras and the bishop was moving in their white and we knew in a was leading up to the pope because there was a welcome from the archbishop of washington giving him the official welcome to the city and the country and we saw him coming around the corner in the pope may be. the choir is performing and people are praying and thunderous applause, lets talk about his itinerary before he
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got here to catholic university. he started with an early morning departure, where he is staying in washington, he left there at 9:00 on time and took 15 minutes to walk over to hundreds of thousands of people that were hoping they just might get a glimpse of the pope, there was no itinerary stop planned there but he took a moment to walk over and shake hands and blow kisses and have a few real conversations with people were there since predawn. >> and then he went to the white house where the first lady and president met the pope in his fiat. thousands of attendants and invitees and the president thanked the pope for his support for helping to bridge a new beginning between the u.s. and cuba. here is what the president had to say. >> all right we are going to talk more about what is happening behind us now, before
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we continue to recap the rest of his day, obviously people are given passes, mostly free passes from their pashishes around the washington, d.c. area, there was a number of passes held in a free lottery system for students of catholic university. we met a few of them among the lucky to get a few of those passes. and some are coming for an actual mass by the pope, this is his first trip to the u.s. even as a layperson he has never been to the u.s. >> we saw people that caught the train into washington yesterday and today to be a part of this ceremony but right now we continue to look at the pontiff in his popemobile, his jeep wrangler popemobile, he is clearly here at the catholic university for this papal mass and canonization ceremony, the
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first canonization ceremony to ever take place on u.s. soil. >> he is getting out of the popemobile, made in the united states, so he would have security but side access. where he could reach out and hug children or reach out and shake hands, he wanted access. that is it for now, we'll have more live reports from the basilica in washington, d.c. >> a word about who you are seeing there in add it's to pope francis, a gentlemen in the red cap, cardinal whorl representing washington, d.c., and the others are archbishops, and they are the hosts for this leg of the trip and a word of what you are seeing, this is the canonization of a man largely credited with spreading christianity upp down
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the coast of california, he was treated as a hero in parts, but not without controversy. certainly among the hispanic population but a significant portion of the native american population who felt he was more of a tyrant and someone that left the native american population without their traditions and traditional clothing and homes, this canonization not without controversy today. but not without historic signatures, the first time a ceremony like this is happening in the united states. >> as we see the pope making his way into the basilica, this is one of many stops he had along the way, his itinerary is packed since he arrived on u.s. soil and quite a busy day and incredible experiences in washington, d.c. today. i don't know if we have the live picture? we'll get you something better, rick and monica outside the basilica in d.c. to recap the
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day before this moment guys. >> that is right, so as we await the pontiff rising up to the dais there, he was at the white house for the greeting this morning, he arrived 15 minutes late, he kept biggest democratic nation waiting that is president obama, but nonetheless it was worth it for him to touch people and shake hands and once at the white house, what a sight, what an unforgettable scene, he drives up in the little fiat, and gets out to shake hands with president obama and the first lady, and a thunderous applause, a tremendous welcome to the states. >> the president said he had never seen so many people in his backyard. that gives testament to the popularity of the pontiff and
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thanked the pope for bridging relations between u.s. and cube why. >> greater cooperation across our hemisphere and a better life for the cuban people. well, after the white house, the pope then paraded in the popemobile again along the national mall to stop and give more kisses, he had one of the secret security folks bring a baby to him and the little girl from los angeles breached security and jumped over the railing and at first she was shoed away and the pope called her up and they carried her up. and he gave her a hug and kiss and took the t-shirt from her. an exciting parade route, probably 6 or 7 edema long the
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mall, the only opportunity for people not holding tickets in the ceremony to be able to see the pontiff. following the parade, the pontiff ended the morning with a mid-day prayer, with bishops from around the u.s. at saint matthews cathedral, and while meeting with the bishops he called on his brethren to discuss the issues of the day including the priest sex abuse scandal and called on the church to be more compassionate. >> the pope is asking americans as he is catholics and people of all backgrounds, worldwide to have a revolution of kindness and peace and reach deep inside of themselves and stop isolating people that don't appear to have much in common with them, the
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homeless and people in prison and people of different backgrounds and poverty levels. he is trying to include the masses at a time when populations are dropping within the catholic church, they are losing members and priests are retiring and they are having a hard time recruiting the next generation of young priests, he is try for cohesion and inclusion and the word is getting out. >> back here at the basilica, this is a birds eye view of what to expect, the huge mass on the parkway, this is just a small composite, the excitement and anticipation and just being here is a preview of what to expect. >> a historic time. we are live in just a little bit. >> all right guys, thank you for sharing them with us. "action news" is following every step of the pope's historic trip from washington to new york and then to philadelphia, rick and
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monica, you saw live in the nation's capital are there throughout the night and again tomorrow, eva pilgram and sara bloomquist live in new york starting tomorrow as well. now here in philadelphia, crews are putting the finishing touches on the areas where the pope will hold his events, including independence hall where he will give a speech on immigration. you are looking at the sky 6 cameras, the preps are underway. walter perez is live. >> reporter: at independence mall once again to get on the world stage and preparing for that takes a whole lot of work and special events crews are working hard to make sure that philadelphia shines this weekend. >> the final touches are put into place around independence mall and the smallest details were being looked into. the mayor says of course the dig
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stair dignitaries and pilgrims -- but the response has been for the most part positive. >> people walking up and down the street are getting into what will happen in philadelphia at the end of the this week, pope francis in philly. part of his schedule include a tour of independence hall with cynthia mccloud, the superintendant of independence historical park, for her it's a true honor on a personal and professional level. >> his presence here today reminds us of the important events that happened in the hall, 1776 and 1777 our declaration and constitution and it reminds us how vital history is. >> meanwhile the pope's visit resulted into some inconvenience for the delaware valley especially those that live and work within the secure perimeter within the city.
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>> this is an an incredible moment for us to shine and thank you for all philadelphians for your spirit and cooperation, it really does make a difference. >> independence mall will remain tonight and tomorrow until 7:00 and open until 5:00 on friday and saturday it closed and reopens again on sunday. if you are coming to this area, give yourself a whole lot of time, security restrictions will increase with each passing day. reporting live, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. and the clock is ticking for crews on the ben franklin parkway, they still have miles of cable to set and dozens of structures to build, the stage and the alter for pope francis' appearance this weekend are mostly in that area, 40 jumbotrons are moved all around the city. david henry is have more on this at 5:00. and a look at city avenue from
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chopper 6 hd, barricade residence already put up along the street outside of st. charles seminary where the pope is staying while in philadelphia. and if you are heading to one of this weekend's events, nora muchanic will break down what you can and cannot bring, and it's just the start of our coverage tonight at 5:00 john rawlins brings us the latest from the world meeting of families and eva pilgram brings us to a local retreat house hosting nuns from all around the country this week. and when the pope gets to philadelphia, "action news" has complete coverage, jim gardner leads the way with our team of more than two dozen anchors and reporters will be at locations across the region, bringing you this history making region and its impact on the delaware valley. >> and first one more live look at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c., for the first ever canonization
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ceremony. the pope has just arrived in that splendid building, our coverage continues today after this.
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. you're looking live now at our nation's capital in we shall d.c. at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception, pope francis has entered the basilica but has not proceeded down the aisle yet for this mass. the first canonization on u.s. soil today, today he will canyon none size and 18th century theologian. we are awaiting the pope's procession down that aisle and
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will be continuing to cover this for you during our newscast and throughout the day here on 6 abc. and once we see the pope we'll bring you back live and many of you that are planning to see the pope in philadelphia, are packing for what could be a long day on the parkway. you may be wondering what you can and cannot bring with you. nora muchanic has the list. >> first in a lifetime, we'll try, i don't know how far we'll get but we are going to try. >> these mothers brought their children to the ben franklin parkway to get the lay of the land to see what they need to know when they come to see the pope this weekend. >> i see they have water out and i would love to bring lunches, i don't know how much you can bring. >> you can bring in coolers but they have to be soft packs, hard coolers are not allowed. law enforcement is at check points, sweeping everyone who enters, the secret service list of prohibited items include
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selfie sticks and weapons of any kind and glass, thermal or metal containers. because of the amount of seniors that plan to attend, small folding chairs are permitted and backpacks are allowed but can't be bigger than 10 by 13 inches and people going through the secure zone through metal detectors means long delays, so leave hours early. >> i believe that the wait will be a bit of a distraction, but it's worth it. >> it's one thing you should pack is your patience, getting hundreds of thousands of people through security lines is going to take a long time and it's recommended you arrive several hours for each event. >> i think we'll leave 5:00 a.m. >> you don't have to worry about answering nature's call, there are 3 thousand port-a-potties
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lines the streets in various locations. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." philadelphia police officers are on the streets for the papal visit will be well supplied thanks to the fraternal order of police, they are putting together 4,000 bags of food, they will go for the papal detail this weekend, they are filled with chips and cookies and gum and other snacks to keep the officers alert and comfortable while on the job. >> you can see all the details on road closures and security zones at we have posted the list of what you can and cannot bring with you, and you can fine pope francis full and up to the minute schedule. >> it is it's first day of fall and we want to know how the weather will look, especially this weekend. for our special guest. adam joseph is standing by with the details on the rest of the day and what comes next. >> the summer feeling will stay as we get into the latter part of this week and the supcoming
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weekend but the garden is looking summer like out there, with the temperatures well above normal, 80 is the temperature on city avenue and the dew point is 47, a dry atmosphere and winds from the east at 8 miles per hour and no heat index because the atmosphere is super dry and the same as the air temperature. a little cooler at the shore and a sea breeze and cooler down there, 72 in cape may and you bump inland, 80 in millville and 80 in the lehigh valley and upper 70s for reading and lancaster, as we look at satellite and radar, there is high could have been to the south and you get to virginia you see the cloud cover thicken up because there is low pressure just to the east of jacksonville, florida, and south of south carolina. and this has been there for many days now and this is slowly drifting to the north and the biggest question is how far
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north does it get? 59 in philadelphia with the warmest spot near 60 degrees, we look at future tracker for tomorrow afternoon and at 4:00 another warm day, 81 in philadelphia and 81 in wilmington and upper 70s for millville and the lehigh valley, just a few high, thin, wispy cirrus clouds. and then it moves up friday afternoon you can see more in the way of high cloud cover streaming in from the south and that holds temperatures south of 80 degrees for philadelphia and 73 for allentown un75 in millville. your chances of rain for the next two days, 0% chance and as we get into the weekend it bumps back up and we see how far north it comes in as it moves towards
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virginia, sunny and warm and 80 tomorrow, and clouds and sunshine here on friday, 82 degrees and a very warm end to the weekend and as we get into your saturday, and your sunday, temperatures will be in the 70s. a lot of clouds on saturday, and breezy and cloudy on saturday and at this point we'll hold the rain south of philadelphia and south of the region and hope in the way we are looking at it, the way the low will behave. >> thanks adam. >> still ahead a man wanted for murderering his own brother and police are asking for your help to find him. plus, an international drug ring running through philadelphia, one the biggest busts every, now they are telling us how they broke it up.
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police in philadelphia park side neighborhood are looking for the man that killed his own brother, 29-year-old dominic
4:26 pm
roundtree is wanted for murder. police say he got into a fight with his brother monday night around 6:30, it ended when dominic shot jackel in the back with a rifle, he died in the hospital later that night. anybody with information police are asking you to call them. police seized 54 pounds of cocaine, one of the largest brug busts at the court in recent year, they say the cocaine is worth $6 million on the street and it was hidden in laminated panels of squash and pumpkins coming from costa rica, it was to be shipped to new york for sale and no far no arrests have been made. >> we return you live now to the cathedral there in washington, d.c., where pope francis did a
4:27 pm
quick vestment change, and it will be a canonization ceremony.
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that is the sound of the people's pope meeting the american people. from an embrace for a catholic teacher to a kiss and blessing for a baby as the pope paraded
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along the nation nal mall. this on the first full day in america, this is a pope that inspires a following. it's 4:30 and i'm brian taff along with alicia vitarelli, we continue our coverage today of our visitor from the vatican, behind us a live picture right now as pope francis is in the largest church in the country, the basilica, and he is holding the first ever canonization mass on u.s. soil, he spoke to 11,000 people at the white house this morning that packed on the south lawn, in rare remarks in english, he addresses immigration and the thorny issue of climate change. >> sense the urgency it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem, we can no
4:30 pm
longer be left to our future generation. >> after a private meeting with president barack obama in the oval office, the pope ditched his fiat for the popemobile, riding past the national mall, eager spectators lined up for hours with one little girl running out past the barricades, despite breaching security she was allowed to give the pope a hug and kiss. >> he acknowledged the pain of the sexual abuse scandals. and back in philadelphia the clock is ticking, here at home crews have 3.5 days to get the ben franklin parkway ready for the pope's arrival and the stage and alter are mostly in place but there are miles of cable to string and jumbotrons to move.
4:31 pm
for more on what the parkway will look like come saturday, we turn to brian taff live at the big board for a demonstration. >> this is pretty cool, a new view of what will be the center of the world's attention, this is our brand new camera on top of our parkway studio which we built specifically for our weekend long coverage, it gives us a good sense of what to expect. i want to point things out, one right here, i'm circling it for you, the alter in which pope francis will give mass and on which you'll see the concert saturday night and this is 22nd street, from this point to the oval where the mass and alter are erected. 80,000 will fill the ben franklin parkway and this part back to city hall, you can see the edge of the basilica here, 250,000 people and up to a
4:32 pm
million more outside of the areas looking at jumbotrons spread out across the city, some of those crowds arrived already and today they are paying tribute to a saint whose name is familiar to you in our area. sara bloomquist is live in south philadelphia where people lined up to see the body of st. marie yeah goretti. >> this is the first time the remains have been here in the united states, this is an exciting time for catholics of course, those that live here and those in town visiting for the world meeting of families today. today this relic was a very big draw and for the faithful a highlight of the week, the line stretched down the sidewalk and down the center aisle on south broad street this afternoon, this is what the catholic faithful had come to see, st.
4:33 pm
marie goretti. >> it's her body, her remains, they are attracted to her, they see her as a powerful symbol of forgiveness. she is the youngest saint in the catholic church, born in italy she died at the age of 11:when she died from a man's sexual advances that she had rejected. before she died she forgave the man that did it. for catholics that is a powerful one. >> she was a child and there are many families coming through with young girls. many attended saint maria goretti high school. >> she is so tiny and you can't put all of that in perspective. >> i wanted to do my part of being one the pilgrimpilgrims, t
4:34 pm
going to center city, so in this way, i get to see maria goretti and be with the pilgrims as well. >> the mass will be celebrated here at saint rita's at 5:00 tonight and the church closes at 8:00, if you miss this here today, don't worry, the major relic moves to st. john on south street in center city tomorrow. that too is expected to draw big crowds, live in south philadelphia, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right sara thank you. of course is your home for live video during the papal visit, we are streaming the "action news" coverage of every major event. from cameras positioned across the city, you'll have to watch our online digital updates, officials said a jarring discovery on campus is one giant
4:35 pm
misunderstanding. it was a noose found out side of a building where a black lives matters protest was happening earlier this week. it came from the inside of a paper lantern put up earlier this semester. >> a rally going on now some students told us they are skeptical of the university's explanation, they called the gathering to clear the air and address the finding. >> a berks county mom is facing charges for assaulting a police officer after a massive brawl involving hundreds of students, they say that the daughter was one of the juveniles taking into custody in reading yesterday, the mother was arrested after she reportedly kicked an officer in the groin while trying to
4:36 pm
free her child from a police van, it started as a preplanned scuffle between a few female students at reading intermediate high school, but it turned chaotic with 400 juveniles fighting. >> it was complete armageddon, it was horrible. >> a lot of girls fighting and guys fighting and jumping on the police officers, these kids didn't care about nothing. >> in addition to the officer allegedly kicked by robles. another officer was punched in the face by a student and they eventually used pepper spray and 10 students were cited for disorderly conduct and harassment. a nearby gun club came under investigation for safety concern, they are looking into whether stray bullets from the stock ard gun club are hitting
4:37 pm
nearby houses. now the sports man club two miles away has shut down for two weeks, officials have not specified why they closed yet, neighbored have complained about from a bullets from both clubs. it's action cam was in little egg harbor, ocean county where the hurricane sandy relief fund was honored. they gathered around a home damaged by sandy, the fund has awarded 75 million grants to 100 nonprofit organizations since the storm hit in 2012. a comfortable, beautiful day out there, and we could take a whole lot more of this as we head into the all important weekend, it will turn cloudier but at this point it will seem to stay dry. as we look at the numbers, it's 5 degrees above normal for this first afternoon of fall, 80 in
4:38 pm
philadelphia and near that in new york city and much cooler in boston with the wind wrapping in off of back bay, a temperature of 66 degrees, satellite and radar, the clouds are to the south in virginia and low pressure to the east of jacksonville, florida, this is sitting there for a few days now. this will slow will he drift to the north as we get into the end of the week and the upcoming weekend. what is ahead. another winner on tap for your thursday and it starts to turn cloudier friday, saturday and sunday and many of you are be outdoors and it's breezy this weekend and much cooler with the clouds, we'll show you the numbers and show you future tracker how far north that rain will get on your saturday and sunday, coming up in the seven-day forecast. they don't want it to rain they put mary the blessed mother in the window, get the statues out. >> lots of marries out this
4:39 pm
weekend. still ahead, kissing the kiss cam good-bye, what new york stadium is considering getting rid of that and why. and you won't want to miss a beautiful way her late father's brothers in blue proved they were a real family. and a parody taking the internet by storm, why this utah mother's rendition of hallelujah has everyone rejoicing.
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appointments available now. and a live look now at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception where pope francis is carrying out the first mass of canonization in the united states, we'll listen here very briefly.
4:42 pm
[ speaking spanish ] >> and one is always hesitant to interrupt the pope and speaking in his native language as well as latin, in is also taking place on the east portico on the lawn. this will continue on channel 6 but first over to alicia. in new york are they kissing the kiss cam good-bye? they axed this at syracuse
4:43 pm
university because some call the tradition nothing short of fault. it shows game goers smooching but the school stopped rolling the cameras after someone wrote a letter to the editors of, he says that it condones sexual assault and men's entitlement, there was a woman featured on the jumbo cam that did not want to be kissed. she was visibly disgusted and so was he, so no kiss cam at syracuse as the athletic department assesses the situation in upstate new york. and now a touching story from new york state, kirsten lost her father as police officer five years ago in the line of duty. on her wedding day she draped the chair with his jacket and
4:44 pm
his brothers in blue surprised her during the father-daughter dance, someone tapped her on the shoulder asked her to cut in, and then the next officer cut in and i just broke down. >> a whole line of officers to welcome that bride and dance with her, all the men in blue say family is always family even after we are gone. >> and finally to all of my fellow mamas out, there while we love our kids there is nothing more precious than nap time and one utah mother's video is going viral. a hallelujah for all the moments of peace. ♪ he pulled my hair i scraped my knee, when nap time comes i'll sing oh hallelujah ♪ in just a week kirsten's post
4:45 pm
reached 2.5 million people and she has a 3-year-old who she calls a 3 nager. ♪ ♪ when nap time comes i'll sing hallelujah ♪ just get them to sleep, she changed the lyrics for a silly little talent show, but her honest tribute to motherhood is resonating everywhere, and brian what a voice. i'm surprised she can't sing those kids to sleep. >> she may get a contract out of this song. maybe help with a babysitter. lets get a first check of the roads tonight, matt pellman is in the traffic center. sorry matt. >> no more appropriate to sing hallelujah, around here. than this week. with the pope coming to town,
4:46 pm
we'll talk about the closures in a second but first, some slow speeds this afternoon along the schuylkill expressway eastbound side from this point at 202 on into conshohocken, an earlier accident that has now cleared out of the way, and one to watch out for on west norton and slow speeds on the eastbound turnpike and the northeast extension, normal afternoon volume in those spots and a crash in middletown at chester creek road and in media, it's dining under the stars and state street will shut down in 15 minutes, i probably don't have to tell you the ben franklin parkway is closed, the adjacent kelly drive is also closed. lets talk about the closures on the way, coming up the bulk of them starting at 10:00 thursday night, the schuylkill eastbound shuts down the vine will close entirely as will the ben
4:47 pm
franklin bridge and admiral wilson boulevard and 476 in camden. lots to talk about and we'll talk more in the next half hour. happy first day of fall by the way. adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather forecast coming up next.
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4:49 pm
to celebrate the first day of fall, i got my first pumpkin spiced latte. >> the a little warm for that. put it on ice. >> that is old news. >> we had crisp mornings but the afternoons are warm, it will stay that way for the next 24 to 36 hours, by the weekend, as we look at the action cam in ocean county, by the bay side, some high cloud cover and ocean county and all the shore points, many vessels still in the water,
4:50 pm
not shrink wrapped just yet. no precipitation on the radar, we are tracking a few high clouds from cape may county up to the north of atlantic city, and that is where temperatures are cooler this afternoon, into the low toward mid-70s with the wind coming in off the easterly direction and the water 71, then bounce inland and see everyone up to 80 degrees, the 80 in philadelphia is 5 degrees above normal. you see the sunshine, high pressure is to the north and that high will do it's best to keep us dry, not much sunny this weekend and dry and hold a storm just to our south, the next 12 hours clear and chilly and 40s in the suburbs and 59 in center city and the light breeze continues out of the northeast 5 to 10 miles per hour. as we look at the satellite, low pressure drifts to the east of jacksonville florida and the clouds make it as far north as
4:51 pm
virginia, the thickest cloud cover and that shield will continue to lift to the north friday into the weekend. >> in fact we'll call it a close call over saturday and sunday. right now the high pressure is over the great lakes, a strong canadian dry high with the coastal low to the south, the high will slip its way into northern new england and should be close enough that it keeps the wind, the dry wind out of the northeast and holding that low, that is moving from the north to the south and you can see the rain just around the delmarva and southern parts of delaware here as you get into the weekend, while the rest of us stay on the cloudy side with the rain to the south but a cool breeze coming out of the northeast, the high displaces itself, and lets the low drift further north, we are not going for that particular pattern for the weekend. as you go into the weekend especially, saturday and sunday, the parkway is packed and for that papal mass here on sunday
4:52 pm
afternoon, as folks start to gather early in the morning to get through security, 64 with clouds and only going into the upper 60s and low 70s for the mass at 4:00 and again with the breeze, it will feel on the chilly side with the lack of sun, the exclusive accuweather forecast, sunny and warm and 82 and back to the 70s on friday as high clouds move in and clouds both days this weekend and a few pops of sun and 75 and breezy on sunday with the thick cloud cover and sun returns monday, tuesday and wednesday, with temperatures still above average in the upper 70s guys. >> all right thank you. what's the deal talking about fall travel and catching the fall follow yannarell we are excite
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4:57 pm
the pope can bring and combine that shoulder shoulder with thousands of people, and there could be added anxiety. what the mental health professionals are doing to prepare. and the new feature on facebook that allows you to go inside movies and television like never before. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the pope lives up to his nickname. the pope's first full day here in the united states brought a range of events and emotions beginning with a speech at the white house and then an intense and tender moment at the white house and then moments spent in spiritual reflection. >> i'm brian taff along with alicia vitarelli, monica and rick are in washington and we
5:00 pm
look at the papal mass happening now at the catholic university of america, we'll take you there live as we hear from various speakers as the mass gets underway for the canonization at the shrine of the immaculate conception. the first saint hood mass taking place on american soil, a man widely held in hispanic areas for spreading catholicism in the united states especially california. and it's not without controversy, many in the native american population are not fans, they blame him for destroying their traditions and ways of life and hailed by many for spreading catholicism in the united states and california. and the pope speaking at this


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